Clients and Horses in Training with Seana

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  • 0stormy lovely half pass.jpg
    Morgane Schmidt Gabriel and Major Storm
  • 1stormy face.jpg
    Major Storm (Stormy).  Owned by Michele Ting.
  • Groupshot.jpg
  • Jenn and Rohdy2.jpg
    Jennifer Ornburg and Rohdy.
  • JessicaJenn.jpg
    Jessica Paul and Jennifer Ornburg.
  • Night1.jpg
    Sarah Lafayette and Franktown's Warm Night
  • Night2.jpg
    Sarah and Night
  • Rhody3.jpg
    Jennifer and Rohdy competing at PSG.
  • Night5.jpg
    Sarah and Night
  • Rhody7.jpg
    Jennifer and Rohdy
  • Solo8.jpg
    Shirley Broady and Solomon's Mine.
  • Gerrit- trot diag.jpg
    Morgane Schmidt Gabriel and Gerrit Fan Bonnie View (owned by Victoria Myer).
  • Band- seana laugh.jpg
    Seana and Bandolero CL
  • Bandolero 1.jpg
    Seana and Bandolero CL
  • Dakar 2.jpg
    Michele Ting and Dakar
  • Night 7.jpg
    Sarah and Night
  • Solo 1.jpg
    Seana and Solomon's Mine (Solo).
  • Night 3.jpg
    Sarah and Night
  • Rohdy and Night 1.jpg
    Jennifer and Sarah
  • Solo 7.jpg
    Seana and Solo
  • Solo 5.jpg
    Seana and Solo
  • Solo super.jpg
    Seana and Solo
  • Solo and Rohdy 2.jpg
    Seana and Jennifer
  • Bandolero - head turned.jpg
    Jessica Paul and Bandolero CL
  • Bandolero - ext trot2.jpg
    Jessica and Bandolero
  • Bart - big trot.jpg
    Seana and Bart
  • Bart - face.jpg
    Seana and Bart (owned by Kris Purcell)
  • Bart - halt.jpg
    Seana and Bart
  • Eragon - j -grooms.jpg
    Seana on Eragon with her mother and Chrystal.
  • Grace - ext trot.jpg
    Seana riding Grace (owned by Jeanie)
  • Grace - head2.jpg
    Seana and Grace