In Memory of Shanghai...

Shanghai 1980-2005
Hannoverian Mare
Shogun x Ablantin / Absatz


Shanghai was imported from Germany in 1983. Patricia Rice purchased her from the Verden Hannoverian Auction on behalf of Ann and Bill Conran of Reno, Nevada. Two years later, when their daughter Katherine went off to College, I got the ride on Shanghai. Lucky me!

I was an avid eventer at the time, so Shanghai began her competitive career as an event horse. I competed her through Intermediate, where she began to have a few clumsy falls. However throughout her entire eventing career she never once stopped at a fence. What a heart.

It became clear that Shanghai's real talent was in dressage. However she was now nine years old, and had done years of incorrect flying changes while jumping. I couldn't get a clean flying change to the left. Six months with Gunnar Ostergaard got things sorted out. With the help of many others, including Willy Arts, Betsy Steiner and Kalman De Jurnak, Shanghai did her first Grand Prix at age 15.

I was so lucky to have this beautiful, elastic, spectacular mare in my life for over 15 years. I am eternally grateful to the Conrans- Ann, Bill, Amy and especially KK, for letting me treat this wonderful mare as my own. Your generosity has enriched my life immeasurably.